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Help Please?

Tony Jones

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It has been some time since i've been on here I must confess. It's been nuts at work and am still having to do double shifts etc becuase of staff shortages/sickness but I am hoping that soon I will get what is apparently known as "days off"!! I have been gathering a few bits and pieces to do a budget over axle converted Series 3.

I've been searching here but can't seem to find the post i'm looking for. I think it was by leafersrule? :ph34r: Can't swear by it tbh :huh: He was building a SWB I think with Toyota (apologies for the swearing :P;) ) axles but I need to know which series as I remember they were different series front and rear. Reason being, a mate of mine is related to a guy who is a Japanese 4x4 breakers so he's offered to get what I need for family discount (or surchrge - whichever!!) :D

Can anyone tell me which series I should look out for and where I can get advice on getting good aftermarket parts for these axles such as locking diffs (most likely much later), uprated brake parts etc? All help greatly appreciated. :)

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I would probably be looking for a set of 80 series axles. These in UK spec came with lockers front and rear, are very strong and would add a bit of track width to give you a bit more stability. The 70 series axles are probably a little to narrow (about 1400mm) and are a popular swap under suzukis. 40 and 60 series would probably also be suitable but I don't think would be all that easy to find.

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The axles you want are hdj80 series axle 4.1:1 ratio lockers front n rear electric but easy converted to cables. Look at plasticbadgers build for more info ;)

Thanks very much for your help mate! ;) Made a note of it and will check plasticbadgers build out too. Still gathering parts up for the project and am looking forward to getting some time off work to get on with it.

Cheers mate. :)

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