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what have i done :ph34r:


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well i got some wheels and tires of luke (cheers m8) thought i would get them fitted then found out they i needed wheel nuts cose the one on the allos wouldnt work so took them form my defender :( as it still in the rebuild faze told my self i wouldnt do that then after i fitted the wheel i set apon the disco with the cutter said i wouldnt do that ether so much for the family runner now i started i may as well continue :lol: :lol: :lol:

oh well



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beware the angry black cloud about to decend in the shape of the wife (assuming you have one), why have we got to fiddle with things is what I get asked, best of luck with your new project.

:lol: :lol: yeh got one and its her disco i did ask if she wonted an off roader as i handed her the bits of plastic luckly she still has to pass her test so untill then i can get the rear arches done too

then i might get round to my 90 :ph34r:

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