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Worrying rear axle problem

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Hi all, I think something grim is developing in my 110's rear axle and would welcome your input. I'm getting a low pitch whine from underneath, the pitch increases with speed and develops a sort of 'whoop, whoop' characteristic. Went a prod around under the Landy after work today, the u/j's all seem fine. Jacked up the back and spun the wheels, on doing this I got a sort of dull tapping sound. This seems to be coming from the drivers side of the axle/diff. I pulled that sides halfshaft - no sign of wear, before fixing back in place I turned the shaft by hand with the drive flange to turn the diff and felt a pulsing roughness.

I'm out of my depth on this.

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Thanks for the advice gents. Haven't had chance to do anything else with it this weekend, planning to drain & take the pan off next weekend. From what I understand having read other posts, the Salisbury diff is best left well alone unless you really know what you're doing. Is changing a bearing in there feasible for a DIYer with basic tools?

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