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Max EGT???


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Hi all,

After fitting my new EGT gauge this morning i am a tad concerned. Whats the max EGT for a Isuzu 4Jb1??? The pump has been tweeked by the previous engine owner and im running about 12 psi of boost. Theres a slight bit of black smoke at full throttle. At current the temp easily reaches 1000-1100 degrees F at WOT and about 500-600 just about half throttle.

I havent fitted an intercooler yet, but i dont think it will change the temp much. I ran methanol/water injection on the previous engine and the system is still in place, do you think that will help the EGT much if i use the system again??



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I havent fitted an intercooler yet, but i dont think it will change the temp much.

There will be some serious advantage for the engine life / power if an intercooler is fitted. IIRC the LRO once had an article of a 2.5TD which had Inlet-charge air cooled by ... a lot (I remember as much as 50°C). In any case it makes sense. The intercooler increases the air densitiy and the amount of O2. I wouldn´t want to run a TDi without. All factory TDIs I can think of have an intercooler. So there have to be good reason for it.

Seems like the 2.5TD would have suffered much less and wouldn´t have gained such bad a reputation if Rover had introduced it with an intercooler.

For the TD5 I keep reading that the EGT of above 800°C are a maximum that you don´t want to see for longer than occasional overtaking.

The standard TD5 is said to have 650°C at WOT conditions. There is an advert from a TD5 tuner claiming that the EGT is lowered by 60-70°C if the intercooler of a standard TD5 is changed in favour of an oversized one (looks like twice as large).

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You need to fit an intercooler.

Saab 9000 is a very good budget mod for this engine or at a push a saab95 cooler but you will need to fiddle with pipes a little more.

If you ask jez aka dollythelw on here he may still have the pics of his original intercooler conversion and be able to help you out with EGT guide.


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