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ABS fault


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Hi all

Just bought a 92 3.9 RRC as a donor for another project.......but it just seems to drive too damm good to break so gonna try and sort the welding it needs,replace the headlights and try and get an MOT first.

The ABS light is also on,never goes out but the pump does work. Turn the ignition on and the pump comes on for 10-15secs, If I start the engine and press the brake pedal two or three times the pump comes on for about 5secs then goes off.

Not really clued up on how these abs systems work...........im still a fan of drum-braked series 3's! :lol:

Anyone got any ideas??

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The pump is for the brake system rather than the ABS system. The ABS system has its own pump. I have this type - no vacumn servo. Mine had the ABS light on but actually there wasnt any fault.

You will need to first clear out any 'saved' fault codes in the ABS ECU module. Read a Haynes manual or see if there is a tech' archive article here as its too long winded to expalin. Essentially it involves linking some pins on the ECU and observing the number of flashes the ABS warning light makes to a) read the fault and then B) clear the fault from the ECU.

Mine had loads of codes to clear, took 10 minutes or more to clear each sequence but once done the light was off - once you travel above 5 mph. Any number of things can cause a fault code resulting in the ABS light staying on - even switching the ignition on whilst turning a wheel on a jack will cause a fault that needs to be cleared from the ECU.

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had this on mine turned out to be that both abs relays had gone. they are located under passenger seat. managed to get them matched up at local auto electricans for about £5.00 each iirc

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Thank you Bishbosh and SteveRK for your advice.......found the tech thread but the link is now dead :(

I shall attemp to obtain a Haynes manual for it in the week

Sorry! That should be a link to my web space - I'll see what's going on with it.

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