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Cubby Box Idea - Has this been seen before?

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Browsing some of the european shops I have come across lots of new products and ideas I haven't seen in the UK part dealers or mags.

One of which is this:


Available in different widths for different boxes and looks really well conceived. I really like little details like the ECU diagnostics socket cutout. It might not work for vehicles with a bulkhead but Stationwagon/110/kingcab owners might be able to make it work.

Has anyone else found any interesting products on the other side of the sea?

I often think there are not enough UK innovators in this marketplace. Short of new products from the likes of X-Eng, Mudstuff and the tuning developments from Bell/IRB I often find there is nothing new happening. Maybe it is happening and these new ideas are just not being pushed.

I think this cubby box would complement the Mud Rails very well due to the increase in height and angle correction

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That's the site

In case navigation is difficult you can find the products like this here

The only problem I can think of would be how you manage lots of wiring going to your cubby box if it houses a stereo or CB. Not that it would be impossible, you would just need to be tidy and bundle everything together.

I would love a cubby box that looked as good as the new Loc-Box, with it's tuffterior finish, matched cloth (for me Techno Trim) and that nice lock/catch but like the Storage Solutions cubby with somewhere to put my stereo and a space underneath it like this to raise it up and give me somewhere neat to put an amp or maybe my ECU and fuses to free up the seat box and have the whole thing hinged for convenience.

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I saw some seat rails on ebay that would allow you move drivers seat back by an extra 3 inches. Looked a bit closer at picture, I thought that for £70 plus postage was abit excessive. Took a bit of 30 x 30 box, few cuts wit the angle grinder and drilled some holes and threaded four holes on top, painted black and fitted them, all in all took me a little over an hour and now I sit back in reasonable comfort. Seat is little bit higher but does not cause any problems. I wanted to add some pictures like you did for that box but dont know how to do it, can anyone tell me how?

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I wanted to add some pictures like you did for that box but dont know how to do it, can anyone tell me how?

go to the new members info at the top of this forum thread list & click the Photo Linking Info link & all will be revealed.

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