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Range not starting


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V8 1988 Range Rover.....Thought the wires was wrong all around the coil but is all fine, on turn over it some times runs for about 20 seconds, but the more you try the less it runs... It trys to fire but bl**dy wont..lol

I've pulled the fuel pipe off under the bonnet and on turn over it rushes out, I've cleaned all the terminals on the ecu, changed coil and so on..... Any ideas?

I've gone completley grey the last month thanks.


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Use the search button or just read down the forum - a variation on the theme of "My V8 won't start" gets posted once every day or so here so let's not go back over all the same ground again eh? ;)

Ok sorry mate...

I pumped loads of easy start up the air flow metre earlier which makes run but with a few back fires, sounds like

a fuel related problem.... any ideas????

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Assuming the air flow meter and ECU are o.k.

You have flow but might lack pressure at the fuel rail, therefore I would be looking at the fuel pressure regulator and fuel pump. Somewhere around 34PSI is the normal pressure required to run. You could try clamping the fuel return hose to see if this allows the pump to get the pressure up indicating a fault with the pressure regulator. If it makes no difference then the pump is the likely culprit.

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