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Load Bed Tie Downs

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Hi All,

Some may remember I asked for some of the LR 90 "Tie Downs" used on the chassis to

tie the LR when being transported.....


Thanks to Steve and Michael from here I gained a selection - I have made a small donation to the forums funds on your behalfs - thanks guys :)

Many have PM'd me asking what I was up to with them, and urging me not to use them for recovery :lol:

safe there, ..............but they are sort of connected 'recovery wise' :o

Now I have the Truck Cab vs the Hardtop I have the same issue of having snatch blocks and shackles loose in the back :(

also when you collect anything in a LR tieing things down is generally a PITFA,.....and it occurred to me that these may have a use.

A big vice and an even bigger hammer saw these 'shaped', the hole was drilled to 12mm to take the roll cage bolts

and now I have a handy loop for shackles, my BIG Snatch block, and also as a tie down with rachets for the spare wheel

Everything is thus secure in the load bed, .....and I have 4x of these 1 per roll cage plate corner.

post-22-1235938484_thumb.jpg post-22-1235938491_thumb.jpg

I did find that these are stamped, so the edges can be a tad rough, but a quick linish and bend sees what are now

handy usefull and cheap load bed tie downs, hardly cutting edge tech :lol: but may appeal to others as its simple n cheap :)


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