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lift for 35's


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i run 35"s on a 2 inch susension lift and 1 1/2 inch body lift with trimmed arches and would sujest this way.

you will also need a different wheel offset too.

it may be possible to not trim the arches and have more lift but i would prefer the other way myself, as it keeps the weight lower down

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I'm running 35's with a three inch suspension lift, chopped arches and + 75mm arches.

Dosen't catch due to axle articulation but rubs a bit on full lock (easy fix, just haven't got around to it yet :unsure: )


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The body on the RRC is pretty much the same as the discovery, the main differance is the shape of the outer skin of the wheel arch at the rear of the rear wheels. The RRC pannel is more angled as standard where as the discovery pannel curves round more. As a result manu discooverys have had a 'cammal cut' which makes them more like the RRC pannels.

Basically in the case of 35" tyres, fitting a RRC will be much the same as your other thread about fitting them to a disco.

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