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Autobox gear selector


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I use the Jag J shifter with ZF boxes, I posted something about it not that long ago but can't find it now for some reason.


You can extend the slot to allow selection of 1st gear (it's only the plastic trim that prevents it). You need the cable and the small operating lever that attaches to the gearbox.

The shifter was fitted to Jaguar XK40s and can be bought fairly cheaply from most Jag breakers.

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smo, you're running an electronic 'box aren't you? IIRC the shift pattern (distance wise) isn't identical with the electronic valve bodied and hydraulic valve bodied ZF4s. I remember someone (can't remember who) telling me they'd tried converting the DII shifter to work on the hydraulic 'box and it didn't really work.

When I looked at the plastic DII shifter I actually thought it was pretty good (well compared to the RRC/D1 ZF4 hydraulic VB shifter)

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Good to know that this has potentially been done before. I might need a new shifter for the racer!

Only reason I thought of a jag shifter is that my Dad had a couple of jabs and I remember the distinctive 'J' or 'U' pattern.

I will pursue this.

Please add if anyone has any more info on using a jag shifter!


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