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200tdi Starter motor not engaging

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Hi guys,

Tried to start my 200tdi today, however the starter was not engaging...

Took it out and it is not throwing the starting gear out.

I connected the starter motor directly to a big battery (bypassed the solenoid) and it still did not work!

Am I being stupid or does the solenoid need to be connected to make it throw the gear out?

If not, is there anything short of just buying a new one to make it work?



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If you are bench testing a starter, then you need to connect a pair of jumper cables plus one thin live wire. Earth the starter body, connect a live to the solenoid (nothing should happen at this stage). As soon as you connect the thin live to the small spade connector on the solenoid - the starter should spring to life. The solenoid engages the starter dog (the gear inside the end housing of the starter body), which should fly forwards towards the nose of the starter, and it also connects the battery directly to the starter motor, which then spins the engine.


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the solenoid does need to be connected as when it is energized it pulls the plunger into the solenoid body, through a leaver arrangement this engages the gear with the flywheel. At the end of the plungers stroke it joins the two large contacts on the end of the solenoid supplying power to the motor




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