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4-speed auto into 109


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Hi all

Im going to be putting the 3.5 out of my 88 into the 109 with the 4-speed auto out of the Range-Rover,having a quick glance over the truck,aside from clearance issues with the center crossmember prop hole is there anything else i should know?


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Transmission length should be okay moving from a 100" wheelbase to a 109" wheelbase even though the better V8 Series conversions have the engine pretty far back in the bay. I think you have nailed the big issue, fabbing up the proper transmission mounts and having to fab a new tunnel mount for the auto gear selector. The latter may end up intruding on the seatbox depending on how things come together. The last issue, about which I know nothing so can ony ask a question, is whether there are any computer issues between the RRC autobox and the presumably carbed 3.5? If non efi, will the autobox work seamlessly with the engine?

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Sorry, misread your post thought you were putting it into the 88 not the 109. :rolleyes:

Should be no problem, this is how mine sits:


It's deliberately that far back to keep things reasonably central & give room in the front for PAS, radiator & fan etc. - the props are almost the same length as each other. You could get hold of a pair of 110 props and mount the whole lot such that you can use them as standard.

Assuming you've already got a remote oil filter setup on the 88 that will transfer.

In response to RPR's question, the 4HP22 contains no computers unless it's from a P38a.

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RPR - As Fridge says,the gearbox is not computer controlled so should work with a carb'd 3.5.........i think!

Fridgefreezer - I have got a remote filter assy on the 88,but im going to need that for when i put the 3.9 in,i wasnt planning on keeping the oil cooler take-off for the engine but might put it on the 3.5 with a Defender TD radiator....prob just bite the bullet and buy two rads for both!

I was going to put the engine/box as far back as i poss could,and use/modify props to suit, i suspect it might be even further back than yours John :blink:

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