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Snorkel - completely air tight system?

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Hi All,

Defender 200tdi

After fitting my snorkel, I found that the system was not air tight as the hoses in the engine bay were rotten, so I've changed those. I've now found that the air filter housing has a dump valve (looks like a bird beak) that is letting in air.

What have you guys done?

A) Removed the dump valve and sealed the hole completely

B) stuck a new dump valve on and found it seals pretty well

C) nothing

I do want to do some deep wading so I need to do something, it would help knowing what the consensus on here is.


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I welded a plug into mine, and tapped it to take a hose fitting. This is then piped to a small tap under the bonnet. In normal operation the tap is open, and allows any water to run out. When out playing the tap is closed, sealing the airbox up again.



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Have a read of this


you need to do more than just the dump valve - if it's anything like the 300, your 200 airbox will be like a colander if you look closely enough :)

A red WD40 cap is a perfect fit over the dump valve and also collects modest amounts of mud that get in through the snorkel :)

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