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Electrical gremlin

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Untill last week i though i had finally got rid of a long term electrical gremlin when i last cured it over 6 months ago, but it's returned :angry:

Sometimes , when i turn the ingition key to start, i get a single click from the start solenoid and then the electrical system goes dead, return the key to off, turn again and it starts fine.

It's only a random problem and thought i had cured it, obvoiusly not :angry:

Any ideas where else to look for the cure ?

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I had this sympton on my truck once. It turned out to be a dodgy connection, in my case on the battery negative post. It could handle the current of the solenoid going in, but when it tried to crank the engine it gave up.

I'd make sure that all connections between the battery, starter motor and chassis are clean and free of corrosion.

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