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Another Parts Diagram request!

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Been having an hour going back over some of the stuff ive done and sewing up loose ends. I need to fit the lower semi circle plate to the bell housing but theres a groove along the top of it that makes me think there should be a seal or simmilar in there. I want to keep water out if possible so if there was, that would be great.

So does anyone have a diagram of the plate area, Its a 1994 4.2 V8 with auto box. THe plate is just a semi circular blanking plate with part number FRC2859 stamped on it that covers the bottom 1/3rd of the bell housing and mates up against the bottom of the engine block. The seal id be interested in, If there is one, would be between this plate and the bottom of the engine block.

CAn anyone help?



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You will want to put sealant on all the mating faces anyway if you want to keep wading water out.

So, having put silicone over the other faces then and extra large bead along the top in place of this seal will probably suffice.


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