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Diesel Leak

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Hi Guys

A quick question, I took my truck out today upon return I noticed diesel dripping from the rear at an alarming rate. When you look at the tank from behind it appears to be coming from both sides along the guard/bracket. Is there a common fault i should look for or are the tanks known for failure?

The tank appears sound and has never had any damp patches or the like nor has it been clouted or abused(recently) :ph34r:

Thanks in advance,



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the tank has a stoneguard under it, sometimes these are spot welded on or just held by the same bolts that secure the tank to the chassis, any moisture in between the tank & guard will cause corrosion & you've found the result, definitly time to drain & drop the tank & see what's going on, reckon you will need a new tank.

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I know its does'nt match the symptom you see, but just to be sure,also have a look at the gasket, of the "fuel outlet cum level gauge" system is not holding up, the diesel sneaks along the side of the tank towards the front, accumulate and then drips at a considerable rate.

This was the problem with the tank on my 110, with diesel dripping.

Do tell us what was the problem when you find it.

Cheers :)

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