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tb diff.

old man

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I guess he's asking if the circlips on the diff pins are elastic/springy (MOE = modulus of elasticity).

Yes, they are. Better said they should be. It's known that they can fall off.

Fit new ones. Maybe you can source a better quality from somewhere else than a LR parts shop/dealer.

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within the transfer box there lives a diferential unit, upon dismantling this unit, I found a wire ring, it encircled the ends of the diff pins,that is, around the circumference of the said diff unit, and across the ends of said pins, which the planet gears revolve on. I was asking if the manufacturers fitted this ring as standard

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No, the original design doesn't include wire rings or circlips.


The pins look like this (#2 in the diagram):


The thrust washers (#4 in the diagram)


And here's other options you can consider:

- Ashcroft one piece cross pin:


- Mcnamara one piece:


- I heard Kam Differentials also do a 1 piece cross pin but I didn't find it on their (too flashy) website. Anyway, Mr. Kam Diff is a member of this forum so you can ask him.

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Hi, that wire ring is certainly present on the 1.6 ratio LT230 that we have just taken apart and i know it's never been apart since leaving the manufacturer.

We do Heavy duty forged cross pins etc for most types of transfer box/diff etc.

Sorry about the crappy website, it is being seriously re-worked over the coming 2 weeks and will be more informative and easier to use with galleries/how to sections etc

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