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Les Henson

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Now that we managed to get some of you to prise open your wallets and cough up for some top of the range stickers, the plan now is to get you to part with even larger amounts of your hard-earned and buy designer Forum Polo shirts. The options were T-shirts (they show off your beer gut though), Sweat shirts (sooooooooo last year), Fleeces (no good for the warmer weather (one week a year)), or Polo shirts. Always sexy, casual, trendy, and baggy ones make you look at least two stone lighter than you actually are :P

I've had one made as an example. Printing is pants and fades fairly quickly, so I thought Embroidery might be preferable, and looks a bit posher (!) too.

There are several options available, so your thoughts and opinions will be appreciated, I know sitting in the office, pretending to work is very stressful, but perhaps you could all bend your minds to this.

I was going to model the shirt personally, but I couldn't take the ridicule.

Here's a couple of pics of the one I had made.

I'd best point out that I didn't use money from Tonys Gin fund to pay for this as it's not an approved forum item.

Front view - left breast with logo and your name (as long as it's 'leslie henson') :D


Large forum logo across the shoulder blades.


The above item will be £20, but there are variations available.

Colour doesn't have to be white, there's green, black, blue, etc etc

The logo on the back can be optional as well. If you have a shirt without the logio on the back, then around £12 for the shirt.

For now, please just comment on what you personally would prefer (assuming you would buy one of course). More than one type can be made, but it would help a lot if we had an idea of taste and demand.

Les. :)

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I think the embroidery on the front is excellent, not sure about going so far as adding names though.

The embroidery accross the back is probably a bit rough looking ;) ? Going that size, would really need a transfer rather than multiple rows of stitching... :rolleyes:

Black / Landy G reen / Ford Blue - Yes. :D

White - No thanks. :blink:

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Nice B)

However comments...

Not sure I'd want my name on mine, might be better if I was incognito, safer that way :ph34r:

Not keen on the 'breast' embroidery as I find it tends to give me terrible case of joggers nipple :o

Not convinced about the logo on the back either

So can I have a plain black one? :unsure:

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Now look, you people with rather gay colour taste can only have silver, normal silver, angry silver, gay silver, but definitely silver. You can buy one of those indelible ink pen thingys and tart the lettering up if you like, a bit like painting by numbers, only no paint, and no numbers either. :angry:

There's just no pleasing some people. :(

Les. :)

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