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Ignition problem


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Hello everyone,

Can anybody help me with this one - am I doing something really silly ?

I have just got into my S2 Td5 03 Discovery and the key will not turn. Not had a problem with this before, but the key won't budge and the steering lock will, obviously not release.

Searching the site, I see a few of you have replaced ignition barrels - is this the remedy - or am I doing / not doing something really daft!

The keys are ok - not bent or anything like that and the central locking is functioning correctly.

Help !


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The lock barrel jams up.

Lots of WD40 and a bit of force might get it moving again, and a small puff of fine powdered graphite once or twice a year keeps it moving for ever afterwards. Look in a hardware store - little bottles of it designed for lubricating padlocks and costing about £2 which will last you for at least ten years :)

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I have had exactly the same problem recently and can vouch for the remedy described by the BogMonster!

Fixed it straight away!

(Didn't know about the little bottles of graphite though - must add them to the shopping list!)

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