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18" alloys on a Defender

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What are the issues with sticking 18" alloys on a Defender? (Apart from taste issues...)

1) Will they just fit on or will some sort of spacer/adaptor be needed?

2) I'm assuming the speedo would then be innaccurate?

anyone done this?


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It depends what you're trying to achieve and what they're from.

1) If they have the right hole placement (PCD) and offset they will fit, otherwise adaptors would be needed.

2) The accuracy of the speedo would depend on the tyre profile, so long as the outer diameter of the tyre is similar to the standard ones it won't be affected.

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As far as i know you will need hub adaptors, im guessing your thinking D2/ p38 alloys. they are an aquired flavour but ive seen 18" hurricanes on a defender with 35" mud tyres on. WELL COOL!!

Guys whats the PCD on a defender 110?

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Are you sure Dave ???

You will need a set of adaptors,, about £350 ish from memory ??

Oh i doubt it, just wondering as i saw one advertised and didn't think you could do it... The adaptor cost alone rules out that sort of cosmetic change. Going for some chunkier tyres though.. ;)

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