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Turbo'd 2.25 petrol


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Look here

Looks an interesting mod, and that turbo looks quite big! I wonder how the blower likes having to draw a petrolly mist.

Anyone seen one of these before?


A very heath robinson set up! Looks awful! and the turbo looks way too big.

But the method is sound. It is an 'Old Style' draw through arrangement. You can only run limited boost (or combustion temps will be too high) as you can't use an intercooler. The advantage is that the carb and fuel pump don't need to be boost referenced as they work in the normal way. There is a slight efficiency loss compared to a well set up 'modern' blow through arrangement with intercooler.

The reason for the white smoke as stated in the ebay ad is because in a draw through set up, the turbo needs a carbon seal arrangement on the compressor spindle, otherwise the oil lubricating the spindle is drawn into the intake.



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Wouldnt the oil be drawn into the intake on conventional turbo setups anyway? How does the draw through method make it any worse?

Maybe because you limit the amount of flow into the intake when you close the throttle-blade on the carb?

Usually you don't have this on a TD.

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