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Immobiliser problem

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Hi Guys I am new to the site but have been an avid visitor for some time now and I have to say from what I have seen you have one of the best forums I have come across.

I have a problem with my 300tdi and hope that someone can point me in the right direction.

I have recently had my batteries disconnected for a couple of days while I did some work on my 1996 110, I did the battery removal procedure as I have before and all was well. The batteries have been re-connected for a couple of days now and tonight I went to start it and I get all the ignition lights, interior light etc but then I went to crank it nothing but a very (and I mean very) slight dimming of the ignition lights. I checked the feed to the stop solenoid and that was fine, I then checked the feed to the starter solenoid with the ignition on and that was showing at 8.5v? I then bypassed this feed and ran a wire from the solenoid and with the ignition on touched the lead to the + of the battery and voila she started and ran as per usual. Now I am presuming that this is a problem with the immobiliser? but can anyone confirm this and/or offer some advice as me and the wife are supposed to be going camping friday morning.

Sorry about jumping right in with a question for my first post but I wasn't expecting this either :unsure:



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