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is the water pump run by the fan belt (or did i just buy a lemon)


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hi , could any one offer a newb advice ,

just bought a 98 2.0l td freelander, on my way home (60miles later) the fan belt snapped ,

ok i know the brakes and steering are run off the fan belt ,

but the temp gague was a small bit lower than it should be and when i stopped (2 miles later) the rad was over heating (bubbling up), so in short is my water pump nackerd or just my fanbelt and tencioner?

if any one can offer advice please please please do,


(the shortest freelander owner in history)

and i dont mean im 3 foot tall.........

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thanks very much Lianigraham, yup i thought so , but garage i brought it to didnt......he said he didnt anyway?(probly wanted to do me for a new water pump too)

now one more question please, i bought a 98' 2.0l TD, THEN GOT IT HOME (2 DAYS LATER)

to find out it was an xdi not td... so my question is , is there any way i can fit a 't' to my d? and if so around how much would it cost , and would it be worth my while?would it make it any more economical?

thanks for putting my mind at ease , and giving me a bit of ammo to fire at the bad garage man........

i think he knew i wasnt very mechinacly incliend . :blink:

thanks again


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