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Vehicle Identification

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Maybe a bit of a newbie question, but I could really use some more experienced help..

I'm struggling a bit with the Microcat cd in respect of identifying the right parts for my 90 v8.

I put the vin number into the program, but some of the parts don't look quite right.

My LR is a 1987, and it seems that quite a bit changed that year.

How can I identify whether I have a 1987 or 1988 model year? It was registered 1st August 1987 (E plate).

I used one of the online VIN decoders and apparently it's a 1984 model - so I guess the VIN is not gospel for determining this kind of stuff!

As an example, Microcat says I need part NRC6432 (in green in parts list) for the exhaust down pipe, but the description says up to vin 267907 but mine is later than that.

So where's the best place to get the right info? The part (which is displayed in red so shouldn't be right) listed for the vin range mine is in looks more like what's fitted.



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The build year is denoted by the 1st of the 2 letters before the last 6 numbers for exammple my 110 is a '89 model year & it's code is FA. so the F = model year & the A = Solihull then the last 6 digits are the chassis serial number.

the model year letters are

BA = 87 MY

EA = 88 MY

FA = 89 MY

GA = 90 MY

HA = 91 MY

JA = 92 MY

KA = 93 MY

LA = 94 MY

MA = 95 MY

So yours should have either a BA****** 1987 model year OR EA****** 1988 model year

hth :D

find Madcowz on here & stuff your VIN number in to his checker on his website.

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