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Letters to the upper house.

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Hi All,

As you are all aware the NERC bill is up before the Lords at the end of this month. I ask everyone that reads this to email one of the members below. If enough people do it then it MIGHT make a difference. Please address them as per title.


BYFORD, Baroness BYFORDH@parliament.uk

AMOS, Baroness AMOSV@parliament.uk

CARTER, Denis Lord CARTERDV@parliament.uk

CHAPMAN, Baroness CHAPMANN@parliament.uk

CUMBERLEGE, Baroness CUMBERLEGEJ@parliament.uk

GALE, Baroness GaleA@parliament.uk

GARDNER, Baroness GARDNERT@parliament.uk

HARRIS, Baroness HarrisA@parliament.uk

HOWE, Baroness HOWEE@parliament.uk

HOWE, Earl HoweF@parliament.uk

HOWE, G Lord HoweG@parliament.uk

HYLTON, Lord HYLTONR@parliament.uk

JENKIN, Lord JENKINP@parliament.uk

Lord Douglas-Hamilton.


LEWIS, Bishop LEWISR@parliament.uk addressed as 'My Lord Bishop'

LUDFORD, Baroness LUDFORDS@parliament.uk

MACKAY, JP Lord MACKAYJP@parliament.uk

MAR, Countess MARM@parliament.uk

MCINTOSH, Baroness MCINTOSHG@parliament.uk

MILLER, S Baroness MILLERS@parliament.uk

Baroness Fooke’s C/O molly.ladyf@tiscali.co.uk


ROYALL, Baroness ROYALLJ@parliament.uk

SKELMERSDALE, Lord SkelmersdaleR@parliament.uk

SWINFEN, Lord Swinfenr@parliament.uk

WHITAKER, Janet Lady WhitakerJ@parliament.uk

Bishop Norwich: bishop@bishopofnorwich.org

Duke Montrose: montrosej@parliament.uk

Earl of Erroll: errollm@parliament.uk

Earl Selborne: selbornejr@parliament.uk

Lord Haworth: hawortha@parliament.uk

Viscount Eccles: deccles@globalnet.co.uk

Lord Brooke of Sutton Mandeville: brookep@parliament.uk

Lord Plumb: plumbh@parliament.uk

Lord Rotherwick: rr@cpark.co.uk

Viscount Bridgeman: bridgemanr@parliament.uk

Lord Clark of Windermere: clarkd@parliament.uk

Lord Whitty: pus.lords@defra.gsi.gov.uk

Lord Greaves: greavesa@parliament.uk

Baroness Young of Old Scone: youngb@parliament.uk

Lord Beaumont of Whitley: beaumontt@parliament.uk

Right I have sent this and got about 15 answers.


I contact you now to express my deep concerns as to some of the recent amendments in the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Bill, shortly to be debated in the House of Lords.

I note Lord Bach has tabled an amendment (318) which will effectively back date modifications to the definitive map to 19th May 2005. Worrying further is another amendment seeking to push the date back even further to 9th December 2003. Originally the opportunity to modify the definitive map was to end in 2026 as set out in the CROW Act of 2000.

I believe that this amendment has come about due to a misrepresentation as to the number of modification orders that have been received by local surveying authorities, with regard to those orders being applied for by Mechanically Propelled Vehicle Users.

My own enquiries with my local authorities have indeed found very low number of modification applications and I can see no justification for this knee-jerk reaction.

Rest assured I too, am concerned with the illegal use of MPV in the countryside but would point out that there is a great deal of legislation already in place but not sufficiently enforced, to deal with this issue.

I would ask that you would look at the DEFRA recent publication, Regulating Vehicle Use on Rights of Way for more information on the legislation currently in place.

It is my belief that the “banning” of MPV from routes which have been in use for many years, will only lead to greater MPV problems in the Countryside.

I respectfully, request therefore that you will lend your support to amendment (319), Lords Bradshaw and Judd.

I would also like to draw your attention to some of the recent amendments to clause 62.

Whilst illegal MPV use in the Countryside is appalling, I would ask that you lend your support to amendment (316,317) Lord Dixon-Smith. It is clearly unfortunate that Disabled Drivers should lose their opportunity to access the countryside. Indeed, if existing legislation as summarised in the DEFRA publication, Regulating Vehicles on Public Rights of Way, had been properly enforced. I do not believe there would be any need for this new raft of measures.

I would also be happy if you would read the attachment from another concerned member of the public.

Yours sincerely

Paul Humphreys




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Incidentally, you can send the same letter to multiple recipients by putting their addresses in the BCC field. When they receive the mail, they will not see any of the other recipients - it looks like it has been sent expressly to them.


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