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cracked block problems

dave t

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at the moment I drive a 300tdi disco but my heart has always been range rovers and after doing some sums about lpg verses diesel and which is the most economical to run I actually worked it out to be lpg on a V8 (well at least its not worse than the diesel) :D

so I am thinking about getting a p38 but having been caught out by the cracked block syndrome before I am a bit nervous to buy another one,. Soooo........which engine is the most likely NOT to crack and is there any rule of thumb that says " if its covered X amount of miles its probably gonna be ok"



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V8 Engines to suffer from Least likley to most likley:

Least likley


Followed by

3.9 /4.2

next most likley


most likely


Do a search there are a number of detailed threads on this subject :)


Ok I have searched for some more info but cant find anything that gives advice relating to mileage, I sure I read somewhere that if the engine has covered X amount of miles it will probably not crack!

why is it that the 4.0l is the most likely to crack? I would have thought that the 4.6 being the most overbored would be the worst

thanks for the info


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