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Disco 1994 ES 300tdi EDC rough idle!


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Sorry about this, I'm sure it been said before. As stated above it has a very very rough idle. But its OK when you press the pedal mean it revs freely but when standing alone it feels if it just about to stall! As far as I know it don't. This is what the last owner said to me when I went to see it,

In August last year he was driving it OK apart from letting go of the gas pedal it would start to hunt as if it was going to stall, but never did. This started to get worse as he went along (no idea over how long) so he took it in to a mechanic and he had a quick look. And said a number of things, so the lift pump was replaced, all filters replaced but it still carried on, So that was left with a fuel pump or electrical problem but as time was running out and in a hurry he got a new Discovery. So this ES got left on the field and the longer he left it there the worse it got, He was told that the Relay or pedal sensor is or could be faulty as he said when driving it OK and reaches top speed no problem no rev problems it just idling rough as if it is stalling but on a open run its fine. it starts OK with a key.

From what I been reading I see that the pedal potentiometer-throttle sensor gives out a different symptoms than what the garage is guessing! I cant see it being that do you? Do you guys have an idea? Or is it play time in finding the fault on my own? :(

If I have to test the sensors, etc is there a place to look to get the resistor reading for each part?

look forward to hearing from you,

From a desprate member ....JJ

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