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110 sw crossmember

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I'ts mot time next month and i have noticed that the crossmember under the second row seats (NRC4171) has rusted beyond repair. It looks like I need to lift everything off to change it :( . Is there an easier way of getting the new one in.

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Not being a 110 captain owner :P myself, I am not certain.

All the reports on here spin a tale of woe as it is a bu99er to do.

I am sure Uncle Les will be along soon to tell you how it is done as he has probably done eleventy-ten of them in all the years he's been spannering.... :lol:

I think if you search for 110 rear body cross member you might find some pointers....

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Replaced mine a year or so ago on my 1985 110 CSW without removing the body. It is a fiddly job. I found that the top of the chassis rail underneath the rotten crossmember was also holed. It was a very tricky job to remove the rot and weld in a repair plate. Had to use a small mirror to see where I was welding. It might have been easier if I had taken the second row floor out, but I left it in.

I also found that the webs supporting the big chassis crossmember on top of the rails (which supports the rear A frame) were rotted (terrible mud traps) so I had to cut these out and replace them before I replaced the body crossmember.

I cut the new one in two, cut the two body brackets off the ends, removed the passenger side sill and fiddled the two halves in from the one side (one after another), but it was very very tight. Given Landrovers build tollerances you might not be able to do this on every one! I then welded the two halves together and welded the body mount brackets back on and bolted it on.

If I was doing another I would recommend cutting the new cross member into 3 pieces rather than two, as it will be easier to get it in.

Hope this helps,



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