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can it be done?

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i am wanting to buy a defender 90 hardtop. however, i have found this one on autotrader:


it is a pickup version.

is it possible to convert it to a hardtop? if so how easy is it? do i also have to report to anybody its now a hardtop and not a pickup and will it make any insurance difference?

thanks for any advice given


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Yes it can be converted in to a full hardtop [van] you will need to source a full roof/rear side panels/rear door/3 hinges for door/loack striker for body.

you must inform your insurers & DVLA of a change of body type.

keep looking for a factory built hardtop is the other option.

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My advice is to look around for a good van or station wagon. You will find one for the cost of the conversion.

As to why....Well whilst you should recoup most of the cost of the hardtop from selling the truckcab and tailgate, there is the cost of all the little bits - hinges, special bolts, L shaped brackets, check straps, door electrics and locks etc etc. (not to mention finding the part numbers for all these bits....)

That's before you have bought a back door and had that that and your shiny new rear side panels painted (unless you've always wanted red panels on a green truck!) - even if you paint it yourself, that too costs folding stuff.

AND THEN you call the insurance company and they want a flippin engineers report on your modified vehicle.

At this point you may realise, Dear Reader, that this is my own personal tale of woe :(

Yes all of these things can be overcome...and if, for instance, you already have the truck or the one you are buying is the bargain of a life time then go ahead.....but generally speaking it wont be worth the effort..

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