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******** Macmillan 4x4 Challenge Auction 2009 ********


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Kevin Baldwin of MudStuff has kindly donated a MudStuff defender dash console - here - http://www.mudstuff.co.uk/MUD_defender_console.shtml

along with a set of six Carling switches and gang mount - here - http://www.mudstuff.co.uk/Carling_Switches.shtml

for auction on the forum in aid of the Macmillan 4x4 Challenge - here - http://www.mac4x4.co.uk/

The Mac4x4 Challenge commences this Friday and I have my 110 entered (team No 19), so I am raising money for this very worthwhile cause.

Please post your bids under here. The auction will close at midnight on Sunday the 14th of March 2009.

The winner will be the top bid, to be paid to my justgiving account - here - http://www.justgiving.com/johnsheldrake set up specifically for the challenge.

Once the money is in the account, Kevin will dispatch the dash console and switches for free (in the UK) to the winner.

This generous prize is worth over £100, so please have a go.

If you want to support the charity without bidding please go to the justgiving account above to make a donation. If you do please also complete the gift tax form which adds to the total and comes out of Gordon's pockets. :D

If there are any other product suppliers that would like to donate an item for auction please send me a PM! :rolleyes:

Many thanks


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Have to say I am disappointed at the lack of bidding here. Come on guys put your hands in your pockets and put a bid in it's for a good cause.

Ooh and just one other thing there is no such day as Sunday 14th March 2009! So I am guessing you mean Sunday 15th March 2009 :i-m_so_happy:

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Ed you are right it's Sunday the 15th.

Looks like you have scared everyone else off!

Thank you for your bid, if there are no others by the weekend the dash and switches are yours.

Next week there will be two sets of Xlights from Xeng so keep an eye out. (worth over £60 per pair)

I have also been given a brand new Mobile Storage Systems - Standard Cubby Box to auction, the new price for one of those is over £175

I will auction that next week as well.

All for a good cause.

The event has so far raised £82000 this year and hopes to top £100000, so every little helps.


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