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Fuel filters


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Series 3..2,25 petrol with a new fuel pump and serviced Weber. Thought I would be clever and fit an in-line fuel filter and positioned it up near the carb.. Ever since I have had the engine cut out and very reluctant to start again..particulary it seems when warm, but I am not sure this has a bearing on anything.

The tappet clearances are done, the points/condenser/coil replaced..the dwell is 55 degrees, it likes 6 degrees BTDC and I am set for 2% Co emission on my gas analyzer...she starts from cold..and when she does continue to run, sounds spot on..so I am think a fuel problem for sure...?

Have I created an air lock situation with this fuel filter (the best it ever gets is half full) and should I place it in a completely different position to the one it is in..or just take it out and throw it away!!!

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