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anyone bought one?

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I saw on ebay an air intake supercharger, was wonderin did anyone try one? I have a 97 LDV 3.5 tonne van with a ford transit engine in it, its fairly dead with the acceleration of a frozen snail :angry: , no turbo, so I got to thinkin there is probably a few dead hosses lying in the sump and it might be worth a try so I bought one for the craic and I have to say its made a noticable difference on the back roads, the power picks up very well,not much of a difference on the motorway but definately better on the other roads where going up and down gears a lot. So any comments on the pros and cons? thought maybe they might help anyone with a non turbo engine that needs a small boost. It reads that they can be used to boost turbo engines a bit too but I not sure on that whether its a good idea? Good or bad for the engine?????

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If you mean the things that look like a computer fan and claim to give 50,0000BHP...its utter rubbish, there is no way a fan of any kind of that size could produce more air than the ram effect of a moving vehicle at 50..60..70 etc.

Performance gain is nil, bling gain is nil!

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