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2.5TD 90 With Drum Brakes Problem

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myself and a mate where finishing off with the 90 before MOT, and we replaced the brake lines..so we were bleeding the brakes...started off with the rear passenger one, all went ok..moved to the rear drivers one, and this is were we experienced problems. basically the bleed nipple is busted...the nipple itself is ok, its the thread on the back of the drum. how do i go about fixing this?

What comes to mind is to re-tap a bigger thread onto the plate, but then how/where would i get a bigger bleeding nipple. any thoughts or advice are greatly appreciated.

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This may not be the answer you want to hear but you'd best replace the wheel cylinder. :unsure:

You'd have to take the cylinder off to properly tap a new thread into it anyway and I'm not sure there's enough metal there to tap it out to a bigger size.

Wheel cylinders aren't expensive and there's no point taking risks where your brakes are concerned.


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well after a long drawn out saga, we finally got the Landys brakes sorted. what started out as a busted brake nipple turned out to be

1 - Replaced rear drivers wheel cylinder

2 - Replaced brake shoes (as they turned out to be knackered)

3 - Replace rear passenger wheel cylinder

4 - Replaced rear brake pipes up to the T-piece

So was 3 trips to the local Landy parts place, bit of playing around with the shoe springs, and some bleeding and its now 100%. Thanks for the diagrams/tutorials Les.. as the Haynes book was useless!

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