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Noise from drivetrain

Steve F

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Hi all, can I have your thoughts please.

I've got quite a noticeable noise from somewhere in the drivetain, sounds like a dry bearing sort of noise / screech / rumble. Only happens when coasting at approx 35mph + (either with gearbox in neutral, or when in gear but just at spot between power on and overun / engine braking). Isn't affected by turning free wheeling front hubs on or off, or clutch in or out. From this sounds like something in the rear driveshaft or diff ?

UJ's don't look that clever so was going to replace them first off. Wheel bearings seem OK without any real play.

Oh -its a '72 seriesIII SWB petrol

Any other ideas ?

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sounds like the rear propshaft universal joints need replacing, not an expensive or difficult job to do.

you might find that if you grease the UJs the noise might reduce, or go away completely but the damage will have already been done :(

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I hate these "noise somewhere" problems. I know it is difficult, so I sympathise.

You need to get a better idea, and start narrowing down where the problem is exactly.

I often find that a noise that I can hear whilst driving isn't coming from where I think.

Get someone else to drive and get in the back and listen, turning your head to listen from different angles. This might help narrow it down.

Anyway, you need to eliminate possible areas.

Check all lubes are topped up.

Start with propshafts, Grab firmly at each end and see if there is any play in the UJ's or in the diff/gearbox bearing.

If that doesn't id it then remove one propshaft and take it out for a spin (be careful) , this should help identify if it comes from the back/front. Rebuild while you are at it, taking care to buy good UJs and ensuring the propshaft goes on in the same position as it came off (for balance).

Check the wheel bearings for enough grease.

Try standard flanges for the front hubs (eliminate the FWH as a cause).

Afterthat it could be gearbox or transmission brake.

Best of luck.


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