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Tonys Bash - Team Mate Needed


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as it says, my team mate, Dan, is unlikely to make it as his TD has died, unless that is we can source and fit a 200tdi in the week before the event! unlikely me thinks.

so it looks like my team will be a team of one vehicle, unless theres anyone out there whos available???????? - its a week Sat @ Bampton, Devon.

His co-driver is still available, if required.

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JST - remind me what's actually going on down there where dragons be? I've got a Ninety and a winch (although it's only a Milemarker) - critical problem is that I don't really have low range although I'm game for a giggle... I thought I was going to a birthday bash though, must've missed the details while I was offline.


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theres a pinned thread in the events forum about it, or try the same in the old lre forum if its still up(?)

its a challenge event in Bampton woods, 1 dayer, 2 vehicles per team, thats about it i think - Tony anything to add?

although no low range would be a 'giggle' i think it woul dbe a very expensive one and probably at your expense, i would say, guessing at what Tony ahs planned, Low range is essential!

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