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Gauges Again

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Next weekend will be a long one for me and I would like to spend some time by fitting some gauges to the truck.

I've cheched the topics referring to gauges and thats all fine. No problem finding suitable gauges.

However as I idealy would like to have a bolt on kit in the post next week there are still some questions left.

1996 300tdi 90

Want to fit rev counter, boost pressure and oil pressure.

What adaptors would i need for the oil pressure gauge (electrical sensor)?

Where do I connect the boost pressure gauge (adaptors or fitting required)?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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You will need the correct pressure sender for the oil pressure gauge.

I'm fitting a VDO pressure gauge this weekend and just bought the matching sender for that gauge from the same retailer who sells the gauge.

The same for the boost gauge. I bought a kit for £9 from Croytec for a Smiths boost gauge.

The rev counter is easy, even for my chimp-like abilities.

Haven't a clue how the rest fits, but I have a mate who knows about such things. I'd advise the same for you too.

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Are you keeping the orignal oil pressure switch if so ull need a t piece to allow u to mate it in

i ve had a oil temp guage in my 90 on the nad engine and i could hardly get to move, After rebuilding the 200tdi i ve just fitted i fitted a pressure guage instead of the pressure switch so i could read the pressure as the engine had new shells etc this worked great

i ahve re connected the oil temp guage but built it in to the flow pipe to the oil cooler so should see more temp rises from that

i have mechanical oil and temp guages

boost guage is 5 minute job

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Thanks so far.

I think it makes sense to install the oil pressure gauge instead of the switch. Also I would like to use an elelctric sensor.

Does anybody now the thread size of the oil pressure switch so that I can order the correct adaptor for that.

Would it be wise to replace the boost pressure gauge or the rev counter by an oil temperature gauge and if so are there combined sensors for temp and pressure? So far I thought the water temp gauge would let me know if I have a temperature problem.

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When you get the adapter there is normally a threaded screw in different sizes so you just screw the right one on and then put the adapter on, it helps if you put sealant on the thread too just to make sure you get a tight seal ......JJ

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