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Vehicle age vis-a-vis valuation


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I was wondering about something. For valuation purposes, is it always the year of a vehicle’s manufacture that counts, or can it be the year of first registration?

For example a “2006” model is sold new and first registered (and this can be proven) in December 2007. (Up to that time, it hasn’t been driven, except for perhaps a few miles connected with delivery.) When determining its resale value, is that vehicle taken to be now just over two years old, or just over one year old.?

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year of registration is what is generally used - as construction date cannot always be determined, and reg date is on the log book.

as an example, my old xr4x4, was registered in aug 1991 on a J plate, but built in the july of 1990, so technically a H plate.

it's going to prove interesting in a year or two, especially with all the new cars that have been stockpiled, and hence unsold, coming intoo the markets, as they will have a build date 12-18 months before they were registered. so they will be reg'd a year newer than they really are.

this is misleading, as technically, they will be due their first mot when they have only been registered for 2 years.

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my old xr4x4,

I bet you miss that!!

When I was a youngster one of the petrol heads I hung around had an xr4x4 turbo technics conversion and water injection.

It was pretty quick!

mmmm GTi golf's, mk1 and 2 Astra GTE's, lancia Delta HF turbo, jumpers for goal posts, that takes me back. Good old days with no power steering, you could "feel" the condition of the roads through the steering....

Now I feel like an old man leaning on a gate! :D

Those STi ScoobyDoo boys dont know their living!

Better stop now before I get red carded for being Off Topic... :P


G :D

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