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110 Suspension Kits

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I just got off the phone with a good friend who just bought one of the last "new" td5 110's for sale here in Sweden. This vehicle he's using for his adventure company www.Vilse.com

He's been searching on eBlag for a suspension lift (2") for the 110. I've suggested to him to keep his eyes open for OME, but he found a complete suspension kit from au. called TJM.

Here is the kit I'm talking about: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...8#ht_500wt_1163

In the ad they claim that TJM is OME :huh:

Is that right, is TJM a cheaper line of OME or eqivalent?

This complete kit is cheaper than buying all the parts (OME) individually but the question still lingers, is this a quality kit and will it be able to handle a continious load of 300Kg? Or can anybody recommend a supplier that offer a complete OME kit for his 110 thats costs approx. the same amount.

The vehicle will not be doing any extreme four wheeling so he asked me if it was OK to just change out the springs for now and run with the original shocks. I'm of the opinion that the shocks should be changed with the springs so that the suspension components all match, but anyways can he get away with it ?

Any and all comments are appreciated.



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Apart from the colour of the spring (yellow not black) it looks just like an OME kit. But, I would check if the dampers are Gas not oil. TJM is an Australian company and a lot of what they do is just rebadged. I was quoted £499 + vat and carriage from Devon 4x4 for an OME kit for my 90.



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Thanks for the two tips guys. ;)

We'll be making a few phone calls to check the TJM stuff out, to see what the spring rates are. I did read on OEC's site that the suspension systems from TJM do come with a 3 year warranty, which isn't too shabby.

I'll google OME a bit to see if there's any deals out an about. ;)



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TJM is ARB's major opposition here, saying they are the same would send both companies bosses into apoplexy :hysterical:

and saying that a lot of what TJM do is just rebadged, that's all ARB do too. ARB's shocks are made on the Monroe line here (ARB have their own damper techs and dyno's, TJM's are made to their specs OS) and both companies outsource their spring manufacture. Even a lot (maybe all ?) of ARB's bullbars are now made in Asia somewhere :rolleyes:

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Have had a set TJM shox on my 110 for nearly a year now. Cant fault them, good piece of kit. Bought them off OEC and they say they have a contract fitting the TJM kit to the military defenders.

Having used the OME kit before IMHO the TJM is just as good if not a tad better ! OME or TJM you wont go far wrong


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