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Aft shackle chassis-bracket repair (SWB)


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My series III 88" has suffered a sinking-feeling: the aft leaf-spring/shackle mounting point on the off-side chassis rail has corroded, detached and been pushed-up into the hollow-chassis, which means the leaf-spring`s rear-most loop is now resting ion the flat bottom of the chassis.

As my 'Lazarus-Landy' is only an 'off-road' machine and I can MIG weld; I feel I`d like to attempt a repair.

Is there a repair 'patch' commercially available; perhaps something appropriately sized (in steel) to weld on each side of the chassis rail with (perhaps) a hole already drilled for the shackle bolt?

I`ve had a look on the Craddocks website but there are no pictures of the item I have in mind.


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Thanks very much for the help guys!

Now I know what to ask for; I`ll be heading over to the Speke LR Centre tomorrow to pick one up (along with a shackle-pin and nut).

Get some 2mm to 3mm mild steel sheet too - handy for supplementing the repair. The bottom of the chassis rail may be in poor condition, so fix this too.

Best of luck.


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