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defender fuelling

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Right, I have got a allisport replacement intercooler fitted to my 300tdi 90.

I had the intercooler fitted to a previous 300tdi.

It said in the fitting instructions to take the top off the fuel pump and move the rubber thing round with the angled bit at the bottom (if you know what I mean)?

I have lost the instructions and cant remember which way to turn it?

I have played with it but think I might have things a little wrong? I cant remember where it was to start with, I really should write things down or take a pic anyway I went down the motoway last night flat out for about 2 miles and noticed what looked like a roman candle fire work coming out of my side exit exhaust!

I slowed down and the sparkes stopped coming out?

Dose anyone know why I had the sparkes, is the mixture to lean or to rich? I have not noticed lots of black smoke under hard throttle? The exhaust manifold and turbo look as if they have been very hot at some point!

Any advice on how to set the fuelling up would be a real help!

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