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Large Argon cylinders and their downsides :(


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Ready to commence some welding I couldn't reach the wire speed control so I pulled the welder towards me a little


BANG as the cylinder fell over landing on the welder :( denting/bending it worse still the brand new regulator fitted moments before

now has a very bent gauge showing (or not now) the cylinder contents.

I called Weldability and of course they do not just sell a single gauge to replace the broken one oh no you need an entire new regulator


the old ones I had are of smaller dia thread so I can't use them

Does anyone have a spare gauge that'll fit on a weldability single stage regulator?

the flow gauge survived the fall better than the welder itself.

There are loads on Ebay but before I spend out again I thought I'd enquire incase anyone else had suffered similar issues but had a spare content gauge in their parts bin..

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Tony - i know the feeling of falling bottles!!!

I might be able to help wiht the guage, one of mine leaks since the fall, but i believe the working one is the one you need, i'll check for you in the morning, if its the right one i can pop it in the post.

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Cheers Simon

Mick (Stuck) is sending me one so hopefully all will be well.

Nige thanks :)

the noise was loud enough to get Val to come out to seen WTF had happened.

the welder took the brunt of it bending the top and the wheeled frame badly.

still it could have been worse if it had knocked the regulator off completly I'd have had a missle flying around.

My own stupid fault I'll not make the mistake again.

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Tony, you need to be careful with the thread form on the gauges. Depending on the regulator manufacturer the thread will be either BSP or NPT. The NPT (US spec) thread form is similar to BSP (UK spec) but the thread pitch is different, but not a lot only about 1 thread per inch. Because you are working with high pressures check with Gas/Arc or similar company that you have correct thread. Do not use oil!

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Cheers Dave I'll be sure to check the thread pitch on the replacement gauge before I fit it.

Weldability do not sell gauges seperatley which I think is a bit of a con as the rest is fine.

They even decline the request to send mine back for a new gauge to be fitted to the regulator.

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