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Turbo Boost Pressure/egt

Les Brock

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Took the truck out for a spin today following refitting the head which was done last Saturday but only just taken it out.....but thats another story <_<

Boost pressure, I'm only getting 0.75 Bar at the inlet manifold and it seems a little flat to say the least, it used to before "all the trouble" run a 1 Bar :blink:

So can anyone who's running a 200Tdi at 1 bar boost tell me how many threads are showing on the rod to the wastegate ?

Going on the fact that you cant build manifold pressure without enough fuel ? the diafram has'nt changed, but the rod might have as I removed the turbo etc to fit new gaskets, so I need to start somewhere if the EGT's are to high then I look at that over the weekend at the moment with 0.75 bar they are as follows

Maximum uphill flat out in 5th 620 deg

dual carrage way at 60 Mph, 3000 RPM, around the 0.5 boost mark EGT around 450 degs

driving around the lanes sits around 250 - 300 Degs

does this sound right ?

and am I correct in thinking that I need to get the boost pressure correct before sorting the diafram etc if it needs it ?????

one thing after onother


and absolutley no pressure in the cooling system :unsure:

yet !

and yes I've got everything its possible to cross crossed.... :blink:

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As a starting setting --

on my totally standard 200Tdi the wastegate rod is 87mm from the rear face of the wastegate mounting plate to the centre of the adjustable rods clevis pin. :D

hope that helps, best wishes for the full testing :D

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