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3.9-200tdi engine change


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Hi, i'am still tring to find out what would be required to put a 200 tdi engine in place of a 3,9 v8 on an autobox. The 200 came out of a 5 speed so would need the flywheel replacing for a flex platebut i am thinking that the 200/300 tdi should fit the gearbox unless a different bell housing is used for the v8. Kick down cable and brackets to fit the tdi fuel pump, exhaust, change engine fixings. I have both Disco's so have must of the bits. If anyone can help please do.


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Really you need the autobox out of a 200TDI auto Disco/Rangey, they have different change points to the V8 box, the component parts you have wouldn't make a good marriage.

But then I suppose if you'd read the linked post you would know that anyways...

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are the different ratios too far out to be usable? Currently have a 200tdi with a manual gearbox but lost a few gears over the weekend, the trucks only used offroad. I already have a autobox out of a 94 3.9 v8 so was wondering if it could get me out of trouble for the time being? Seeing as it stays in low i would imagine it would be okay :unsure:

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