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td5 clocks into a older defender

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Just done all the knitting myself and have still to prove it. There are three main connectors which plug into the TD5 unit which you need to correctly connect to the existing loom, probably not too bad thinking back I went for gold and added the centre dash switches as well. Ever had that feeling halfway through a job..... :o the one where you wish you hadn't started. TD5 circuit diagram extremely good however earlier ones far less helpful. Photocopy several copies and mark up between the two.

Any additional help drop me an email got photos somewhere. :wacko:


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just bought my transducer for the transfer box. just now trying to get hold of some clocks. Looking at doing the whole dash lol. Would look a lot better but i know what you mean about getting halfway through a job Rob. Been like that with the entire landy :blink:

Well once i have the bits i will try to get some pics as i do it to assist anyone else in the future.


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