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Load mats

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Does anybody know if Land Rover do a genuine rear load mat for a TD5 110 Double cab or if anybody else does a quality version and if so, where can I get one?

Not sure if you can get them but you could always use a stable mat ( yes them thick rubber mats that horses stand on ) , got one in the back of my 90 and works a treat :)

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Has I anyone found that they get moisture building up under the official rear load area mat? that fits across the wheel boxes and the floor - in mine it's secured by my 4 rear seat so getting it out every weeks a no no.

Been thinking of cutting loose the section that sits on the floor pan but conscious it'll be loose and may move around - what do other people do about their rear load areas - I've seen stable mats mentioned - which I guess will sound proof nicely and be easy to slide out to dry and clear the floor area? what do others do?

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Cheers Weasel - I am heading that direction myself - I have been thinking about getting a piece of marine ply the size of the load area flow and on one side sticking rubber matting as per your suggestion and on the other side carpet

That way, it can be taken out to clean, repaint, dry up condensation etc - left carpet side up when transporting the Mrs and her friend around and then mat side up when I have the dogs in - makes it a true utility vehicle :i-m_so_happy:

Couple of sliding bolts maybe to secure it to the seat boxes to stop it slipping out the back (imagine it would be too heavy anyway to do that) and if fitted right will be snug anyway.

I'll have a measure up at the weekend! :D

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