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2,5 NA to 200 TDi and where to put the airfilterbox

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Seems that a lot of people struggle to find a suitable place for the large airfilterbox after fitting a 200 TDI (I know I did )

Here's what I did:

I combined both airfilterboxes into one, by using the 2,5 NA filterhousing and the 200 TDI box-lid.

You have to fiddle a bit with the internal tread to get the lid to screw on properly, but in the end you get a box that's much smaller/lower than the original 200 TDi box:


Next I used a bit of rainpipe to extend the intake-side of the box:


By sticking on the plastic tube that came with the TDI filter you get a nice and complete filterbox almost ready to go in:


The plastic tube-thingy connects to the old (TDI) filter pipe, no need to buy something new:


Here's the filterbox in place:


And the final result is a filterbox that sits nicely in the engine bay, low enough to let the bonnet close the way it should.

I secured the filterbox with a metal strip to the front wing and inner wingpanel.


Just a thought !


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Mine is the factory way for Defenders with 200tdi's as they have the high mounted turbo, not made by me,

yours is at just the right level to connect easily to the turbo, even easier for you to change the filter element when needed.


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