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New tyre wobbling side to side

Steve F

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Just put a brand new pair of Deestone 7.5 / 16 tyres on back of my series III - they are 8 ply rating, not radials.

The drivers side has a noticeable side to side wobble - so much so that a mate following me in his car thought I had a very dodgy wheel bearing

Checked it all over carefully & its definitely the new tyre (wheel bearing and steel rim is all spot on). Garage also had to put a hell of a lot of balancing weights on this wheel.

Is it normal for these old style 8 ply tyres to be a funny shape until they "bed in" - or should I be going back to the tyre garage.

Was thinking of running them both at low pressure for a bit, to see if that would flex the sidewalls and let it find its own shape

Just wanted to get your thoughts before going back to the garage..........

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Or its not properly home on the bead for part of one side. But whatever take it back as its not fit for purpose.


Bring it back - it isn't right so it isn't your problem - it's the suppliers.


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Shape of the tyre should be correct. What does happen with crossplies is that they follow the ruts in the road far more than radial tyres do. Check that they've not been pumped up beyond what they should be, mine were at 40psi when I had my last set of Deestones fitted when they should be 25-30psi for normal running.

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