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h14 or Ep9?


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I have a mechanical PTO h14 winch on my 110 at the moment. It's been there for approx 2-3 years, but does not get used enormous amounts, but it does get used. I have been offered a Superwinch EP9 in GC complete with bumper, and ready to fit.

So the question is, will the EP9 be man enough for the job? Not doing any winch challenges (yet), just playing around. Will I be disappointed with the EP9 after using an H14?

Part of my way of thinking is that the H14 can be a pain/right faff to use, and the other day I ripped off the guard that was on there to protect the PTO where it hangs down. (Although I could argue that the guard did it's job as the PTO is unscathed!). But I do lose approx 2 inch clearance beneath the axle rails and the shafts can be annoying as well. The H14 can be annoying to use in terms of puting right levers in right places at right time, but when it is used I do sit back in the knowledge that it has more than enough power to extract me.

The H14 has had v little maintainence whilst I have had it except uj's on the shaft and a few other small bits, and it just keeps going and going. Presumably the EP9 would need much more TLC?

So - better the devil I know or is the EP9 worth looking at?



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I have been looking at that John, but still quite a lot of work I would say - by the time you have redrilled holes, re-routed exhaust, rerouted shaft and associated brackets, re shaped engagement lever etc. And then factored in that the H14 can still be a PITA to use? Maybe I am demanding too much and want lazy man's winching lol! :ph34r::ph34r:

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Guess it depends on what you use it for. I have to say for most of my winching these days, and if I had to replace my winch due to terminal damage, a TDS 9.5 would probably be more than adequate, but I suspect there would be the odd occasion when I would still think "I wish I still had the Milemarker".

Sometimes in the face of adversity, overkill is comforting, only you can decide whether that is more important to you than convenience :)

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An EP9 should be up to dragging a 110 about. Mines dragged my RRC through a nasty mud hole (33" tyres out of sight) rigged up single line. It was slow and the standard v8 battery+alternator weren't up to sustaining the very long pull (over 5 minuets almost constant), but untill the engine stalled it was still soldiering on.

I would like PTO winch, but bottom line is a EP9 has convinently done everything I've asked of it and only let down once by the standard LR electrics. The free spool is freeing up as well. With dual controls inside the cab its a nice winch to use.

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