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Speedo gearbox connection


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Im new to Landrovers having been given a series 3 about a year ago, mostly in bits and with no engine i purchased 2 from ebay a 2 1/4 diesel and a 2 1/4 petrol and i opted for the petrol and am saving the diesel for my next project, I have learnt a amazing amount whilst putting together, but now have a fully working series 3 which is my pride and joy, apart from that is the speedo which i cannot get working.

I have a new cable and a secondhand dial if i put a drill on the cable at the gearbox end the needle moves fine so i think the dial and cable are fine, so i take it the problem is at the gearbox, i have made sure that enough cable is inserted, but it feels very lose, can anyone tell me where or if i can purchase a replacement part and how easy is it to fit.

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Is the gearbox speedo drive working? - the drive cog works by being clamped on the rear output shaft assembly and if there's any play in the output bearing, then the drive can make the speedo not work or twitch.

There are two types of speedo (with or without trip), two types of cable (single or two piece). They are not identified by the inner cable end profile, but by vehicle application, and are to some extent interchangeable.

Yours should be part No PRC2065, but it might be PRC1599 (later 109V8) - outer sleeve end fixings are exactly the same.


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