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Truffle oil is really nice on pasta. My mate makes a really nice home made basil infused olive oil that he give away at Christmas.

Quite like tractor oil or Tesco 20/50 for the old LR, Whatever is on special for the newer one.

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Morrisons Sunflower oil for most cooking, Virgin Olive oil for salads - ......................

Ah....thanks for reminding me.

i need to get some sunflower oil - i use it to oil my bread board and similar on the advice from my son who made it for me. it is huge. quite thick and heavy. it does look good after a good oiling :blink:

on the subject of oils for a landy. last time i used halfords semi [the brown container] and 8 months and 3k miles later i am about to change the oil again.

anyone else use halfords? or should i change?

i was working on the basis that it should be OK for a 14 yr old engine and it would be changed regularly.


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I don't use halfords on the grounds it costs so damn much <_< tend to get most stuff from the nearest motor factors as they're cheaper, more knowledgeable and it's always good to be on good terms with the guardians of the palace of treasures.

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Yep, down to brother in laws shed where he has it by the 200l aand 25l drum :lol: What he doesn't have I go to his supplier! Go to a big commercial/motor factor and buy generic oils that match the LR specs. Think long term and buy in bulk if you can, much cheaper.

Definitely cultivate a good motor factor in your area, good advice and a great crack once they know you (as a LR owner, you will be a regular :rolleyes: )

Living in tractor central here means everywhere sells oil cheap!

Best dripping or even better goose fat on the roast spuds though :P

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which oils do people on here use

looking at changeing mine in next few weeks

whats the best grades and makes


I use Claaus premium tractor/ thresher oil from a farm machinery place that we use. It is excellent oil and well exceeds the spec's required for a tdi. And at £50 for 25lts it is much cheaper than most.

I change the oil and filter every 3000 miles if i'm doing alot of heavy towing, and 4000 miles if its just been on the road as i believe this is the secret of a long lasting diesel engine.

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The diesel engine oil they sell in Costco is pretty good, and is only about £30 for 20 litres... ;)

Otherwise i've used ASDA, Halfords or Tesco, any of which are fine as they all meet the spec, just try and get an oil made for diesels, rather than a generic 'motor oil'

I change mine at 4k, my 300Tdi has done 156k so far with no problems. ;)

As for everywhere else, ATF from the motor factors in my gearbox/ PAS, and EP 80/90, also from the motor factors, in axles/ transfer box.

Personally I think with an older Landrover you are better off using a cheaper engine oil (as long as it meets the spec) and changing it every 4-5k, than putting something realy expensive in it and leaving it 12k.... but i'm sure others will disagree... :P

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